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Hollywood Babylon: Fatty Arbuckle


At a raucous, three-day party in 1921, a young starlet became severely ill and died four days later. Newspapers went wild with the story: popular silent-screen comedian Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle had killed Virginia Rappe with his weight while savagely raping her. Though the newspapers of the day reveled in the gory, rumored details, juries found little evidence that Arbuckle was in any way connected with her death.

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are you f***** kidding me?! screamers???!!! yay!!! i used that track on a mix too! crazy, dude!! i officially love this mix :)

i don't know when to shut up... but dude, your segue from screamers,... seriously? you're bringing tears to my eyes here... this is crafted SO well.. this is the way a mix oughta be, eclectic in all the right ways. and your closer,.. i'm ALMOST speechless :P best mix i've heard in a long time *standing ovation*

HAHA. You use the same track of bloody Screamers in a mix ? Crazy...send me the link. And thx for the speechlessness. :P

:) tee hee... ok so here it is (and thx for asking!!). i'm a little embarrassed about it actually; it's pretty amateurish compared to this mix but it's in my early stages (that's my defense :P): hopefully you at least get a kick out of it

i'm impressed with your prokofiev.. i'm not as familiar with his work. i looked him up of course - he's pretty modern; i do know peter and the wolf

I guess the most famous piece of prokofiev is "Dance Of The Knights", but his moviescore for "Alexander Newski" and the whole "Scythian Suite" is really amazing and of course "Peter and the Wolf" :)