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Ravishing Renaissance Music


I am crazy about Renaissance music! I wanted to share some of my favorites. Here are the criteria I used to create this list:

1. I wanted to show off some lesser known gems. If you want to know the "greatest hits" of the period, pick up a compilation like "The Essential Tallis Scholars," which has the more famous pieces. I tried to hit the most important composers, but pick lesser known works of them.

2. I tried to create variety: different composers, different ensembles, different configurations of singers/instrumentalists. I didn't let myself pick more than one track from the same disc.

3. I picked pieces that I consider accessible: not too long, not too abstract. These are pieces that you should be able to enjoy and appreciate on your first listening.

I hope you enjoy!

9 tracks
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When I am looking for Renaissance music, this is exactly the sort of playlist that gives me what I am looking for!!!

Although I am not familiar with western religious music I find some commonness between the religious music of western world and Indian religious classical music. It moves your heart if you are passionate about music