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oh, glory

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I just wanted to let you know that because of this playlist, I heard Sea of Death Denizens for the first time, and I had to check out Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and now I may or may not be mogeko trash over the weekend. And my favorite LPer just decided to play it TODAY, so like. Awesome.

@Rinnian hee hee!! i'm glad :0 WaTGBS is definitely an interesting playthrough, and while there's stuff i don't agree with and like about it, i /love/ the OST so much! definitely worth playing through just for the OST alone, although vgperson's content warnings are a definite must-read, haha ^^''

@joshua kiryu Cryaotic was about to do a playthrough of it, but Mogeko has recently asked that no new videos be made of it because they apparently received death threats due to the game content. Someone told me he also made a questionable piece of art involving some of the content, and I can guess what it was, so that made a lot of people angry. So Cry has had to remove his LP of it. I'm so bummed about that... I wanted to see his reaction to the plot twists and the grimdark mood change.