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i found my home right here in your arms


for my best friends, because finding a home is half of life, and i found mine right here in your arms.

when we first became friends, i was extremely low, to the point that i thought that i had nowhere to go; i had lost all hope and was sure that i would never recover from it. but, even though you had just started getting to know me, you never hesitated to remind me of my worth. you led me out of the dark that i didn’t think i'd recover, even through your own demons.

i don't know where or who i'd be if i hadn't found you. you love me more than i'll ever be able to love myself, and you've shown me who i am and who i want to be. i wouldn't be here right now if not for you, and for that, i will be eternally grateful.

i love you, and thank you for helping me through these past few years. ♡

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