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A thousand years, I've waited.

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@jalisama Same here, there is so much I want to see animated. I know there is going to be a two-piece OVA on the time travel arc but I don't think anything after that is being animated in the near future ;-;

@dramatical-douche Correct, and the OVAs aren't even being released at the same time. >_< The way they left off S2, I'm HOPING they do 3. I mean they have to know there's an audience for it, right? S2 had amazing reception. (And if something as slow and tired as Natsume no Yuujincho can get like 5 seasons...)

@jalisama I mean at least we're getting something else animated but I feel like they'd stop after chapter 101 with the 'big kiss' and all. There's definitely an audience for it but OVA's rarely get as many views as the actual series so if their basing the possibility of season 3 on the amount of views and reaction the OVA gets, it's unlikely to happen.