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The Ultimate Instrumental Magic


This mix of 55 magical songs will lift you up out of your everyday drudgery, carrying you into a world where anything is possible and dreams do come true. This mix includes songs from several of my other mixes as well as many new magical songs. Enjoy!

55 tracks
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Seriously stunning mix! So many good ones - they all sound like those victory songs you hear at the happy/victorious end of an intense movie - as if they are just playing in advance of our own little victories that they make us believe in - because they already know we'll make it (so sappy, haha!). So awesome, thank you! :)

Wonderful! Just what I need as I get my work done, especially as it's a weekend. At least I have some good music to listen to and pull me through! :) Thanks for the awesome playlist.

what wrathfullybenevolent said. :D Your instrumental playlists are my favourite tracks to listen to while studying. <3 THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH. I really needed intrumentals i enjoyed studying to hehehe.