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swing 1.0


a mix for the roaring 2000s


|| an hour long ||

|| mostly electro swing ||

|| makes a good dance playlist ||

|| full track list here: ||

18 tracks
6 comments on swing 1.0

i dk man t his mix has caravan palace and stromae so if my two faves r on the same playlist u did a good job !!!!! its s uch a great mix tho o mg.,,, but idk i feel like maybe papaoutai would be more,, swingy? i dk man but tous les memes is f uc kin g gRE AT !

@gh0stkid ah that's great i love caravan palace too!! that's true papaoutai is great i love that song, i actually only heard of it recently though! the music video is great

@gh0stkid ahh thank you so much!!!! haha i love stromae but looking back on this mix i'm sometimes like ????????? cos I don't even know if that song counts as electro swing? i'm still rly unsure about mixes so thank you it really means a lot!