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Let the bodies hit the floor [and dance].


I love dubstep and dnb - and really anything in-between. Here are my favorites ranging from Adventure Club, Modestep, and Knife Party. Earhole pleasure, at its finest. You're welcome.

12 tracks
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WOW! Cheers and thank you VERY much. I enjoy your lists VERY much. I am seeing Adventure Club in two days!!! Ummmm I am REDIC EXCITED. <3 Thanks for the equally good tunes.

oh my god. thats insane. you literally have absolutly no idea how jealous i am. could you possibly do me a favour?
If you get to speak to leighton james, one part of adventure club, could you say Sam Hogg says hi?

pweetty please? <3

YEA?? I will try my DAMNDEST to meet him/them for SURE! I will be raging like a crack head hitting the pipe FOR SURE... and if I do run into him, it would be my PLEASURE to tell him that for you. ;) Adventure Club has no shows that I have seen anywhere but they are doing Meltdown in Dallas this Saturday... i literally died a little. :) :) YAY.

you are such an amazing person. thank you s ambition to be warming up for them.

Rage hard, rage well. Literally dying of jealousy here. :/

Wait, you are warming up for them? and don't be jealous Sam-I-Am ;). I wish I could be a DJ (no lie) and you and your friend seem to be living THAT dream... so... how about i take a rad video and send it to you? If you want of course. :) PS... from the pic who is Sam and who is Bam?

no im afraid im not warming up for them, i just wish i was, you have no idea! yes, DJing is awesome, nothing else like the rush you get!
If you where to take a video and send it to me, i may just collapse in happiness.. <3

P.S, im the guy on the left, bam is on the right in grey

collapsing in happiness?! Now that's a great way to go down. Done and done then. :) I live for this music and sharing it with willing ears gives me just as much joy as seeing it with my own eyes! <3

thank you. i cannot even say how much thank you. argh im so excited for you / jealous of you.

if you get this totally rad vid any chance you could ping it too me at or on facebook? <3