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Thanks for the “Redemption, Sin, And Grace” interlude. We don’t stop being human when we give our lives to God. I’m much older and I still wrestle with some of those same issues. I think God wants to get to the core of our hearts. Our struggles help us identify areas where we still need to hand over authority to Christ. We have a promise that one day we will be perfected in the image of Christ, but while we are here, we need the continual renewing of our mind by the washing of His Word. Take care. Love your 8Tracks ministry and music!

thank you tj. i just woke up stressing out about feeling like i don't compare to some of my favorite singers/artists in my ability to expose and express the gospel lyrically, and was feeling inferior and messed up, but you're so right about the renwal of our mind by the washing of his word. thank you.

thanks, I am glad you are enjoying the mix. It's amazing how much different forms worship can take. we are each created in God's image, and though sin has perverted this image, we are being conformed to the image of his son, Jesus! Hallelujah!