Is this playlist safe for work?

「⋯ 回声 ⋯」


it means 'echo' in mandarin chinese.

i know i haven't been active on here but i'll always make new playlists no matter how long it takes.
it's hard for me to use 8tracks a lot since i don't live in north america.
still, i always default to 8tracks whenever finals are around the corner because i still like it more than spotify.
right now i'm travelling around europe for a bit. hope everyone's doing okay.
i wonder who still uses 8tracks? i'd love to know, so say hi.

listen to my other instrumental playlists:

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Hello! 8tracks is a treat for music lovers. I can't skip it even for a single day :)
I really enjoyed listening to this playlist.

I also love using 8 tracks while working. The personal touch, as someone else mentioned, is really what makes it special.

hi!!! 8tracks is usually my go-to most of the time to discover and listen to all types of unique genres! i also really like the playlist, it helps me to relax before heading to bed.

I read your description and I also prefer 8tracks to Spotify. Because of a number of things but mostly because of the authentic feel of it. You know that it’s a person who made this playlist and put all these songs they enjoy into it. Hi!

@PinkishPurpleDots hi!! this is such a sweet comment. yes, i started using 8tracks before trying out spotify. 8tracks holds a lot of nostalgia for me as i've discovered many great songs here