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rise from the ruins


when the world ends and we emerge from the rubble, ash-covered and dancing, this is how i would like it to sound. primarily instrumental, slow, crackling, and atmospheric. the survivors provide us with some sorrowful remembrances and glimpses of hope. listen to while walking alone in an abandoned industrial park, kicking a can and remembering.

22 tracks
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Breathtaking! What a journey and story this mix is! The opening song just encapsulates the whole mix in a gentle but dark way (plus so glad to have discovered such a rare and unknown artist as Tia Blake). I love how the mix flows perfectly, how it goes from dusty, chaotic darkness into super minimal classical music with glimpses of such despair..then into a beautiful section of rustic folk sounds that make me think of small groups of survivors, communities dusty but not quite broken. And then the reintroduction of more classical sounds, ending with the most wistful and hopeful melody that still manages to encapsulate a sense of loss and memory. Such a perfect mix, excellently put together.

Wow! That's very gratifying to hear. Thank you! I'm glad my intentions with this mix communicated themselves so clearly.

In my head, this is the soundtrack to a movie about an apocalypse, the aftermath, and the rebirth of a wiser, more aware humanity from the catastrophe. For me, it's about the power of music to sustain us in difficult, even impossible times.

Thanks for listening! I'm glad you liked my story. :)