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For Evy

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I love you. I love this. Every song makes me remember some of the best moments we've spent together; each one applicable to a time I've fallen more and more in love with you. Driving to Warren, working in your kitchen making dinner when you had the flu, driving 263 miles to see you when you're at school, staring at your ceiling at four in the morning talking about anything and everything and absolutely nothing, but especially dreaming about our life together. One day we'll dance around our own kitchen listening to Spring Wind and we'll take care of our spotted piglet and our goats together and we'll always remember our first summers together.. Especially the August when we first met, first kissed, and fell in love for the very first and very last time. Then we'll never have to sing Rivers and Roads again and February will be just another month. If we can do that, we can do anything, love. I can't wait for 80 more years with you. I hope you find this and it makes you smile after a long day. Love.