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Rockolerdo (vol. 1)


12 tracks tranquilitos.
Liz Durett, Beirut, duplas de Russian Red y P. Honeywell, Los Tr3s, covers de The Everly Brothers, Mecano y Johnny Cash, y más! :]

p.d: el dibujo pertenece a Jaco Haasbroek

12 tracks
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01] My love is gone + Fuerteventura [Russian Red]
02] Obvious Bicycle [Vampire Weekend]
03] Last Stop: This Town [Eels]
04] The Sea a Dram [Liz Durrett]
05] Milk & Honey [Alan Watts & 641]
06] Hawaii-Bombay [Natalia Lafourcade]
07] Y para qué? [Los Tres]
08] Ring of Fire [La Familia de Ukeleles]
09] Postcards from Italy [Beirut]
10] Fine Spirit + Peach & Yellow Skies [Peggy Honeywell]
11] Read My Mind (acoustic, live) [The Killers]
12] Who's gonna shoe your Pretty little feet [Billie Joe & Norah Jones]