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The Original Sin Story


Music compiled specifically for work on novelizing mothy's 'Original Sin Story'. Mostly the original series, but also a few adventure/horror instrumentals, including Lindsey Stirling, Two Steps From Hell, and the new Story of the Blanks OST.

  • Project MA by Akuno-P
  • Escape Of Salmhofer The Witch by Benjamin Rubio 3
  • SkyWorld by Two Steps From Hell
  • Moonlit Bear by Hatsune Miku
  • Moon Trance by Lindsey Stirling
  • Who Will Survive? by Survival 'Ma'
  • Story of the Blanks OST: Welcome Child by Kyoga
  • Abandoned on a Moonlit Night 」 歌ってみた by 「 置き去り月夜抄
  • Red Like Roses (RWBY Music Box Version) by ksmusicboxes
  • Chrono Story by Rin Arte Kagamine
  • English Dub by Chronos Story
11 tracks
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