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Childhood. Completed.


For those posts that tell me if I haven't watched something my childhood is not complete.

This playlist is basically an "in your face, my childhood was complete," thing. These are mostly the songs I remember, and my childhood is sort of blurry because... well I have no clue. But these are the only songs that I pretty much LOVE.

Includes, non-disney and disney music. Most are semi-modern.

✘ I'm finding all the songs that were all screwy and fixing them!

13 tracks
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If some of the songs weren't incomplete, I would love this a lot more. Anastasia actually scared me when I was little. lol I still loved it though. I remember having to rewind my VHS over and over. I actually broke 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan, I rewound them so much. I'm pretty sure I cried.