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jungkook's mixtape


all of Jeon Jungkook's song recommendations to date, please enjoy this beautiful boy's beautiful taste in music. (tbh all of these songs are super chill they work together so well)

((updated 12/05/15))

to listen to namjoon's version of this, go here: http://8tracks.com/juiceboxtae/namjoon-s-mixtape

to listen to taehyung's version of this, go here: http://8tracks.com/juiceboxtae/taehyung-s-mixtape

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23 tracks
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his taste of music is very delicate, and quiet lit and nice and easy with meaningful lyrics. I thorughly enjoy it. i was even more happy when i saw "merry christmas mr. lawrence" on the list. im glad he enjoys that song too like i do. thanks for compling this list together sweetie! ♡

awww Jungkookie's taste in music is excellent! :3 I never knew he actually recommended music to listen to.... (then again, I've been told that I live under a rock and in my own world, aha :s )