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Bare your Soul


Twenty-Seven of my go-to songs right now. A little bit of modern soul music mixed with a dash of R&B and electronic. Includes music from Hozier, Jamie N Commons and John Newman.

Warning: Will cause extreme relaxation. Pairs well with a fine wine.

27 tracks
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shes alive! all i need to do is disapear for about 6 months...then i arrive to some new mixes. ps iv got some tunes for ya

@Jo_Dub This is the sad part, I still have your email in my inbox to respond to when I get a free moment. lol. I have had all this great music but no time to even MAKE a playlist...between planning a destination wedding (50-60 ppl),2nd local reception (100-150 ppl), working full time, starting a part-time BWS program, adopting two puppies, caring for my pops, and trying to maintain my sanilty...I think I have a full plate. LOL but HOW the HELL have you BEEN!?

@julie.olivier First off.. CONGRATS! awesome news on both the engagement and the puppy additions. you will soon get to enjoy the wonderful married life... and then... children! thats where "whats new with me" comes in. My little girl is just about 6 months now! sooo much fun. we will chat soon... when you have time. good luck with the sanilty? sanity? or salinity? It is very important to maintain your salinity