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Sweet Mellow


when you wanna chill out
when you go travel
when you're at coffee shop
when you do a homework
when you do housework
when it is weekend
when you wanna chill even it is a weekday
when you're in love
and thinking of someone

just listen♡

note : I'm not own the image and songs

  • As One – Awkward Love by DEARWISH5
  • Kim Greem Be Mine by 2015
  • This Is Love (Wooyoung solo) by 2PM
  • I'm in Love (Piano remix) by Ra.D
  • 햇살이 아파 (Feat. 마마무 (휘인) & 오브로젝트 (윤닭)) (Feat. Mamamoo's Whee In, O Broject's Yun Dak) by Standing Egg
  • Standing Egg ft. Ra.D – 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 (Have You Ever Fall In Love?) by Lilus Clarus Fujoshi Love
  • My Love by 에디킴
  • 잊혀진 이야기 by 20.Lucite Tokki
  • It Was You by Daeho
9 tracks