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15,460,600 moments precisely


half-life: (noun) , the time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value.

a mix for the half-life of a walking time bomb and the people she almost loved (and who almost loved her back).

(roxas/xion centric)

  • Haunt Me (X 3) by Teen Suicide
    she hung around like a ghost under her hood, didn't speak, didn't touch. it was kind of nice, like having a shadow.
  • Our Aftermath by Hamsters
    she took her hood down today. her eyes are blue and i could have sworn we've met before.
  • 100 years of choke (from "Hurtbreak Wonderland") by world's end girlfriend
    her voice is small and i think she smiled at me. axel likes her too. he said that sometime all of us will go for ice cream after a mission.
  • Nicole Dollanganger & Bradley-Joel by Coma Baby
    she was asleep for such a long time. i wonder if she was dreaming.
  • My boy builds coffins cover by CallieLou
    one day we're going to get our hearts back, i know, but with her and axel i kind of feel like i've already got mine. but that's silly. nobodies can't feel. maybe i'm getting sick.
  • Eau de Vie by 高梨康治
    she's been acting strangely lately and she won't meet my eyes.
  • Kettering by 02
    she hates us and she's leaving and i want to hate her back but i can't
  • Hospital by Lydia
    please come back (she filled the hole in my chest)
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