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a compilation of nintendo remixes incl。
→pokemon, zelda, animal crossing, etc.

thank you, iwata

  • Thank You, Iwata by toonlink
  • Oishii's Island by VOIA
  • Dreamland (In Memory of Satoru Iwata) by Bitonal Landscape
  • satoru iwata w/ JAYDOT by oceans. ૅ俺共君
  • Dedicated to Satoru Iwata. by Chip Tanaka/Acerola Beach
  • A Place Called Summers (Earthbound tribute) by Occupy Mars
  • Sunbathe Cascade by Rob-ez
  • The Time Has Come (636 Remix) by Pokémon
  • POKÉP (Preview Mix) 11/13/13 by Grimecraft
  • ☂ D r i p p y D u n g e o n ☂ 濡れる地下牢 by ASH FLEXEM
  • Can the Eel Come Out to Play? by Super Mario 64
11 tracks
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