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kpop songs and covers with lgbtq themes in their lyrics or music videos

  • Touch by Anda
  • Orange Caramel – Catallena by HALONEKO23
  • Glam by Glam
  • No Diggity (Acapella COVER) by 스피카(Spica)
  • She's A Flirt by Baby Soul
  • Z.HERA by Z.Hera
  • 그날에 우리 by Urban Zakapa
    k. will
  • 쳐다보지마 (Don't Look At Me) by SONG JIEUN
8 tracks
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I love this mix so much! You really chose songs that are meaningful, not just songs without pronouns. May I ask where the cover art is from?

@tvtrope if you read the english translation of the lyrics it makes sense, jieun and her company describe the concept as being about "homosexual and interracial love"