Junk brings you seven new mixes each and every week, with a different theme each day.

Monday- That Monday Feeling: A playlist based around a certain mood, feeling or emotion
Tuesday- A Brief Snapshot Of...: A mix giving you a quick glimpse into the world of one specific genre
Wednesday- All About...: A playlist centred around a word or theme, with all the songs being about or related to it
Thursday- Retro Jams: Songs from one year and one year only. Could be old, could be new, but it can only be from one specific time
Friday- Top Ten: The ten most popular and least skipped tracks from the week's playlists
Saturday- No Rules Party: Songs for having fun and getting in the party mood. No rules or structure, so expect to hear all sorts of styles and times bumping together on the dancefloor
Sunday- Random Selection: A series of songs chosen entirely at random. Who knows what might be on there?