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Tried to find mainly ocean noises but that didn't quite work out the way I hoped so I mixed in some forest sounds too :) (btw this is totally not my picture- I don't claim rights to anything!!)

  • 'Distant Ocean' audio sample by Listening Earth
  • Album Sample by Sequoia, An American Soundscape
  • Ocean Waves Crashing On The Beach Sound Effect 120 Seconds by leendah
  • Irene by Waves Crashing Under Pier
  • Album Sample by 'Dawnsong of Tuis'
  • Ocean Waves Crashing by LUFTRUM
  • Rainforest sounds near Mission Beach, Queensland by Listening Earth
  • free 75 minute nature album to download by 'Time for the Tarkine'
  • An African Wildlife Encounter' by 'Safari
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