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Melancolic thoughts


Sometimes you just need to listen to sad and melancolic music. Maybe this makes you happy, maybe this makes you sad. It doesn't matter what. But please think about one thing:" If there is nobody that loves you i will love you. I will be all for you. A sister, a mother, a girlfirend, a best friend. I don't know you but everybody should be love. That way that he feel this love." Thanks for your attention. I love you, my friend. <3

  • Who You Are (Live From London) by Jessie J
  • Breathe Me by Sia
  • Heart of Stone by Overdrive
  • Lay Me Down (Live At The Apollo Theater) by Sam Smith
  • seconds to Mars by Seconds To Mars
  • Mumford and Sons Cover by I Gave You All
  • Sun by Sleeping At Last
  • My Immortal (behind the scenes) by Evanescence
8 tracks
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