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Just Chillin Mini Playlist 10


Here, for your listening pleasure, is a selection of tracks from the Just Chillin Radio show that went to broadcast on Sunday 23rd January 2011. The hardest part was choosing which ones to leave out! The eight tracks selected includes music from A Reminiscent Drive, Barefoot and Damien Rice.

8 tracks
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Wow! It sounds utterly beautiful were you are.
I'm not sure if there are more than one Barefoot, if it isn't them do they have a website I can listen to their music?
On a complete sidenote, it's not quite the perfect fit for my show, but I'm really loving a Canadian act called 'City & Colour', check out his website, the landing page has the song that has grabbed my attention:

Waaaaait a minute---- Does this playlist have songs from BAREFOOT on it?! Holy crap. I am currently living with all of the members of Barefoot, on a beautiful ocean-front piece of property in Big Sur, CA! Maybe there are more than 'Barefoot' groups??