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Feb 22 2012

2 comments on Feb 22 2012

Stoked to finally hear some stuff from Animal Collective's very first album. I have never actually heard Panda Bear go all-out on drums; he totally knows what he's doing, as does Avey Tare on guitar. The more Animal Collective I hear (more specifically, the further back I go in their discography), the more I realize that beneath all the psychedelia and amazing mind-opening experimentalism evident nowadays is a crew of guys who just loved to create music in their own way from the very beginning. Probably gonna go download this cd now...

i love how james blake can take synth sounds that would normally be considered cheesy or overtly 80's and warp them in to full-on new-age dubstep that tops all the bass heavy stuff diluting the subgenre right now. He's definitely carved out his own niche within the dubstep realm already, which is pretty spectacular considering the amount of popularity flooding the subgenre.