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continued passion; unyielding


let's be honest, it was about time i made a fanmix for the otp of otps here. i hope you like it ♥

cover art made by me! original images are from fairy tail chapter 423 (juvia) and chapter 424 (gray).

Update 17th February 2016 - thank you all so much for listening to this mix, it means a lot!! for my fellow non us/canadian comrades you can now listen to this mix on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwlmARx2PH2oe931e2caqfdCHjc_r2hqJ

9 tracks
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i must say, when i listened to FOB's American Beauty/American Psycho i thought that Jet Pack Blues was a Gruvia song. Thanks for including it. :) Nice playlist. :))

@wilathewitch I agree completely! I really like Fall Out Boy so I just had to include it (especially since it fits in well with Juvias situation of her waiting for Gray :( ). Thank you very much!