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dat kpop 2013 part 2


A slightly "slower" and "softer" tempo for this playlist.

Includes one J-pop song (sick beat...)

Shoutout to Neon Bunny, she needs more fans... (check out my past mixes for more of her).

For Tina noona.

이번 playlist는 조금 느리고 부드러운 템포입니다.

J-pop 노래도 (아주 죽이는 비트...) 들어가 있어요.

Shoutout to Neon Bunny... 이분은 팬들이 더 필요합니다 (제가 전에 만든 playlist에 Neon Bunny의 노래를 함 들어 보세요).

티나 누나를 위해.

29 tracks
4 comments on dat kpop 2013 part 2

Let me start off by saying how proud of you I am. When we first met you could not identify what a "song" was, not to mention how to link them together in a sonically pleasing chain. Now your song choices are immaculate—the way you order them God-sent. You have grown into such a wonderful man.