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4 Kicks-N-Giggles


I love me some good stand up. Several different types of humor here, some a little more edgy than others... all of them great to me. 22 tracks including stand up by Anthony Jeselnik, Aziz Ansari, John Mulaney, Seinfeld, Gaffigan, Tosh and more. Hope you enjoy

22 tracks
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I wish I could find a stand up mix without rape jokes, abortion jokes, domestic violence jokes, or you know, a mix containing actual comedy where the humour goes beond "haha I can demean women and/or minorities in a million and one ways on stage, ridicule you traumas and emotional scars and if anyone calls me out I can spread my hands and say they don’t have a sense of humour AND I CAN MAKE MONEY FROM THIS". I wish comedians made an effort to give witty social or economic or cultural commentary, like Patrice O’Neal’s money piece.

@thatonedork if you listened to Patrice's entire standup he is worse than most comedians on here. But I guess I get what you mean. Everyone has a different sense of humor

@thatonedork Why not make one? I'd like to hear that mix too. Aziz Ansari usually has great jokes that do not include any of those things. Also, not listening to Anthony Jeselnik at all - because that seems to be all he has to offer as a comedian. But I'm kinda biased because I don't think he is funny AT ALL.