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Shit Your Parents Smoked To VI


I'm back again with yet another installment to my favorite series of mixes. I did quite a bit of research in order to put up another 50 tracks of mood soothing music. I've found some serious tunes that will put you in the right state of mind. There are several tracks that are 10+ minutes. So sit back and relax to some amazing tunes. Featuring Zeppelin, Doors, Hendrix, Beatles, Neil Young, Who, Sabbath, Dylan, Deep Purple, Rush and so much more. Enjoy!

43 tracks
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Hey! I love your playlists so much I can't even explain it. You have a wonderful taste in music. Just so you know, since I've been reading your description, I thought you'd like my Woodstock inspired mix. Listen to it if you're in the mood: http://8tracks.com/clueleast/make-love-not-war
Cheers man! x