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nothing past 1980.


well, almost nothing past 1980. made this because i didn't come across anything else worth listening to this month. 12 tracks/48.1 minutes of things i think are worth hearing.

12 tracks
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fun fact!: the guy playing piano on the peter gunn theme (and I believe on the track you put here) is john williams.

claudine longet - jealous guy/don't let me down: i like french ingenues singing wispy beatles/lennon covers. so what?

elvis presley - true love travels on a gravel road: i really love this song as it is, but i especially like this recording.

henry mancini - dreamsville: this is the theme from the peter gunn television show from the 1950s. basically it introduced modern jazz to american mainstream audiences. this piece also made me believe in the concept of reincarnation because everytime i listen to it, the feeling of sitting in front of an old black and white tv on a shag carpetted midwestern living room floor rushes through me even though that has never happened in reality. this song also just oozes coooooooool.

the church - unguarded moment: they did an acoustic cover of this which i actually prefer, but the original is pretty rocking

donovan - catch the wind: i don't care if this is in basically every commercial on tv, i still like it.

margo guryan - sunday morning: tiny unknown recording from the past which I'm glad i came across.

the monks - we do wie du: seminal, scary stuff.

todd rundgren - hello it's me: i can picture myself being 45 years old and listening to nothing but todd rundgren

television - guiding light: this is just a flat out amazing song.

van morrison - saint dominics preview: this is the album where van morrison just kind of went crazy and did his own thing. this is what i think of when i hear the term soul music.

velvet underground - pale blue eyes: this song always reminds me of laura

the pains of being pure at heart - young adult friction: NEW SONG!