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In your presence...


People think that music is just supposed to fill the silent void we have to face everyday. But the truth is that music speaks directly to our souls in ways we could never imagine. Choosing good music should be like choosing good food. You wouldn't just eat anything because it "looked good". There could be all kinds of hidden garbage in it. Music should be treated the same way. We should strive to feed our souls with nothing but purity: In God's presence. The truth about christian music is that it has evolved into something more than just the church hymns we know. But no one knows this because no one knows that good christian music exists. If thats the case for you, then I hope this playlist will help you find some soothing music that will feed your soul with nothing but the good stuff :)

9 tracks
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It's funny cuz like half of the songs you have.. I already have them and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!! I miss you N'Sinao. You have no idea. We're praying for you :DDD

@neema.14 Ikr ;) lol I got scared.. for a second I was like how does this person know my name... then I realised it was you ;) heheh love ya and miss u too ;D