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It's his loss sweetheart x0


Here's to the assholes who break our hearts and play games with our heads. You may be upset now, but believe me when I say it won't last forever. Just hit play and let this playlist help convince you that you're better off without him anyway. Cheer up sweetheart, don't let him have control over your emotions. Keep that pretty head of yours up and show him how much better off you are without him x0 Please follow & leave a comment with your feedback!

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thanks for helping me dump my asshole of a boyfriend. he had no respect for me or anyone else. im glad its over. thanks for making this playlist to help convince me of that

My ex left me after 'realizing' we have no future and that he has fallen out of love with me. It's been a month now and I'm nothing but a wreck! This playlist helped. Thanks :)