236 comments on Classic Rock Dubstep/Electro Remixes by K3RCH

The most beautiful collection of killer tunes. Amazing. Perfect. I wish they played tunes like this in the club. I could dance all night. High five for such a great compilation.

these are pretty decent remixes. I feel like it's really ahrd for me to find remixes to classic rock songs becuase I love the originals so much. But kudos.

this site sucks. how do you skip through these songs without getting the stupid "8tracks Apologies for the inconvenience, but our music license requires us to limit the number of tracks you may skip each hour." message?

The point is that you can't. It has to do with the music license (obviously), aka if you got to skip through all the songs, the site would be illegal or have to cost money.
It's annoying, but I'm not complaining about free music.

The Smell like teen spirit remix is one of the greatest remixes I've ever, ever heard of, seriously!!!!
Great Job, mate!!!!!