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fuck you ★ you liar, you coward [SIDE A]


[side A- the "you hurt me and belittled me so fuck you" side]

a special mix dedicated to those dealing with it all. The ex friends or relationships that fuck up or put you through absolute hell but don't have the courage to admit they did wrong so they talk shit about you and behind closed doors feel sorry for themselves for being such dicks. Usually those ones who cheat or lie or do bad things or are shitty people and abuse you but they never quite want to admit that and blame you!

welp, this one's for you! we're all constantly fighting against those same assholes and showing them how much stronger we are. Here's a little playlist to accomodate that and get out all of the "fuck you, you hurt me and you're awful and you were wrong!!!" you've ever needed to scream into the sky.

16 tracks
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