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Kac's Female Vocal Trance Hits mix #3 + one


Here is a mix of female vocal trance hits and one of my favorite non vocal trance songs by Apotheosis that Carl Orff has done in the past. I remembered it from the club in my past and wanted to let you hear it if you haven't heard it before. The other songs are newer trance songs by The Ridgewalkers, Allure, and Tritonal to name a few. These songs are mostly upbeat with some very good vocals in them. Enjoy!

12 tracks
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Another Great Mix here-
1. O Fortuna(apocolypse chrous/techno mix)- Apotheosis
2. Lotus(Radio edit mix)- Shogun F. Melissa Loretta
3. Walk with me(Air Up there mix)- Tritonal F. Chiristina Soto
4. Wall of Sound- Armin van buuren F. Justine Suissa
5. Drifting Away(Original mix)- Lange F. Skye
6. Show me the way- Allure F. Jes
7. Lighthouse(Sean Tyus mix)- Bobina F. Elles de Graaf
8. Far Away(Club mix)- Nitrous Oxide F. Aneym
9. The Last Time(Simon Bostock mix)- Thrillseekers F. Fisher
10. Your Eyes(Mainstream mix)- Dj Foggy
11. Tears in the Rain- Will Holland F.Yana Kay
12. Find(Radio edit mix)- Ridgewalkers F. El

I really like this mix. Thanks!