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Kac's Indie/Alternative Mellow & Spacey songs hits mix #2


Here is a mix of Indie/Alternative songs with mostly female lead singers in them like Collide, Lana Del Ray, and The Raveonettes + one instrumental by Ladytron. The mix will start out slow and get a little more uptempo at the end. You may have heard some of these songs and some not.

11 tracks
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I really like this mix, kind of different and mellow
1. Blue Light- Mazzy Star
2. In the Pines- Widowspeak
3. Transparent Days- Ladytron
4. Wishes- Beach House
5. Black Wave- Ravonettes
6. Radio- Lana Del Rey
7. Capsella Bursa Pastoris- I:Scintilla
8. White Elephant- Ladytron
9. Velveteen- Kidneythieves
10. Intruder- Collide

This is a really cool mix, starts out a little slow and picks up at the end.