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playlist review by dominic for ella, the denominational demon. good playlist for being simultaneously happy and calm. highlights: stoned alone by coma cinema (reminds me (content wise (wuh oh triple brackets we're getting into some scary territory but hyphens get too confusing)) of alone and stoned by king tuff, comfortably bummed by cousin brian, and high and lonesome by the men) also teen suicide, very classic. when are you covering that song in a bathtub with care-bear (and when can we get care-bear and dare-bear in a bathtub together on their own)? it was cool to hear different julia brown songs (the second one was much much too short!), since before basically i was just listening to the body descends over and over. that alt-j song totally made me tune out, i couldnt even tell you what it sounded like (in a good way) and ill probably listen to it if i want to not focus on anything at all in particular. i was happily surprised that starry cat song devolved into a screechy noise song. that vaccines song is very fun and ill probably listen to it a lot more. overall, well rounded playlist, i wish it was longer but i enjoyed it very much. it makes me happy to think you feel the feelings and tones these songs convey about me. *kiss* good job, ella!