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show your teeth when you smile


A mix for the second part of my mob AU fic, Never a Lovely So Real. tl;dr: Alphys and Sans turn themselves over to the bad guys and encounter a ruthless murderer, a goofball prize fighter, and a mad scientist. They do some science, fuck shit up, and then Flowey arrives.

The art is by Zhamka, and is part of her Songtale project. (That song is actually not on here but it's good anyway!):

16 tracks
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This mix became an instant favourite of mine when I first listened to it. There was so much thought put into the order of the songs and the notes on their meanings are so thoughtful.

@netxcent And five million years later -- thank you! I really love making fanmixes because they're kind of an extension of how I plot fanfic out -- there's a lot of shorthand in my writing playlists!