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Sing Me To Sleep


"Aoba-san... Thank you."

(Starts off semi-happy then dissolves into sad songs. Based off of Clear's "good" ending. Happy birthday, Clear 2.20.16.)

EDIT 3/7/16: Added "Goodbye To a World" by Porter Robinson

Tracklist: http://yumenosakiacademy.tumblr.com/post/139698268462/sing-me-to-sleep-a-good-endingclear-fanmix

9 tracks
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I don't find many pl's about Clear here but I'm glad that there were some rlly good ones like this here to listen to. It made me feel like wanting to cry near the end... Thanks for making it! (^^)/

@Phan_panda49 Awww no, thank you for listening! And yeah I agree w you there should a zillion Clear mixes- he's just so cute! Ps the mix made me sad while i was making it and listening to it too ;w;