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u dont need me, dont, dont.


"without your friends, you'd probably kill yourself"
"your friends will all grow up n mature n leave you behind, you know."
I know. i knowiknowiknowiknow--
please don't go.

playlist for my 7th-9th grade (around then) self. for the girl who just felt like a stepping stone for everyone's happiness. for the annoying comic relief girl. for the stupid, childish me with a fear of abandonment.
cover is from the MV for "0f C0urse 1t's A L1e"! by Sohta!
disclaimer: despite there being a song abt anxiety on here, i dont hav anxiety! i just relate to the song's lyrics a bit, esp the "crying over smth i cant control" line.
playmoss link: https://playmoss.com/en/kagehiramika/playlist/u-dont-need-me-dont-dont

10 tracks
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