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In A Lonely Place

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Absolutely beautiful. It was an inspiring, supportive companion tonight. A steaming, hot cup of mint tea. (And that's my favourite ;) Thank you, and wish you a happy new year!

I am a little confused. When I heard the first track from Faux Tales en its "dubstep sequence", I did not expect that you take me on a different path with the other pieces. So I was not sure this intro was relevant. That's why I waited for listening tot to the end before giving my comment. An I changed my mind :-) In fact, I do not really feel in a lonely place when I listen to your mixes

@Sowat? I can always count on your honest and insightful comments, friend! This mix title is actually taken from the title of the sculpture I created and photographed and used for the mix. A lonely place can at times have some incongruous dubstep moments, yes? Sometimes I wonder if anyone else can hear/see the concepts I develop. You seem to have an uncanny knack in sussing them out... All the best to you for this season and the coming year. ;^)

The hell.... I was persuaded to follow you... Well last but not least. And I wish you a very special Xmas and a great new year