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Light, Space and Time

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Exactly what I needed to hear today. It was a great moment my friend. Always a pleasure to hear Cocteau Twins again

@Sowat? Glad to be able to have boosted your day, friend! If licensing would allow it, I'd work a heck of a lot more of Cocteau Twins into one mix. I'm thinking of doing a 4AD retrospective mix. That way I could work the various Cocteau permutations all into one mix...there's gotta be a way, lol!

@kahnman Oh yeah sounds great idea. Some Mortal Coil featuring Lisa Gerrard mixed with Lakuna or with a touch of Sohn...:-D Looking forward to hear it very soon. I had the same idea but in a more indie-rock way. There are so many jewels ...

@Sowat? Ah yes, I'll probably focus on the "golden era" of the label with a few contemporary cuts thrown in. 4AD is the sonic equivalent of an African diamond mine...

Perfect sounds all. Thanks for sharing! The Sun Airway album selections are especially amazing. So patient and enveloping. Can't wait to listen to the full album. Cheers!

@AWakingDream I get a great feeling listening to the Landscapes album; which is kind of odd - considering the subject matter of the documentary. Thanks for the comment. I always appreciate them.