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Shadows And Light

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@Sowat? Woob is definitely one of my favorite artists. 1194 is such a classic and I'm just glad he got back recording after the "silent years". The Dark Shadows sample in this piece adds the perfect spookiness feel...love it!

@kahnman It fits perfectly to your playlist indeed. And by the way thank you for your recent likes. You did not have to be as polite:-D In addition, I currently have no animated gifs anymore because of a billing problem. A shame because it takes away all the charm of the selected tracks :-/

@Sowat? It's hard keeping up with everyone's new mixes that get released every day. Your comment made me look at your new mixes. A win for me as well! Hope you get the billing issue fixed. Gifs always catch my eye...

@Sowat? Yep, I was looking for some disembodied voices and they fit the bill nicely. The Environments series is an aural goldmine!

@kahnman Hehe, well, perhaps I need to better gather my informations then: I'm still stuck on one of their first ambient albums that I bought (Dead Cities), which has already largely inspired some of my playlists ;-)

@Sowat? Oh yes, hard to believe it's almost 20 years old! I have a fondness for music that puts me into the state of conscious slipping into unconscious...