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Sonic Sculptures 2

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Headphones were used : )

'Fine Cut Bodies' crafts a magnificent build / release interplay.
'Lungs' is deeply moving. Excellent use of spacing, anticipation, and flow. Makes you wonder; is the mimicked heartbeat meant to direct the mind to an image of breathing Lungs?
'Faux Tales' is meant to smash all expectations away and clear the mind of all presuppositions. The 4-chord-progression piano opening works to do just that - subverting any expectations by combining the progression with electro-influenced drops, laden with heavy modern-day production.
'Silence, Sea and Sky' is a perfectly-placed interlude, and showcases how synth progressions can remain truly timeless in form and execution.
Bonobo is, simply put, still a master at sampling.
'Inside-out' speaks of melancholic simpler times, and the film "Everything is Illuminated" is a must-watch for every fan of Richard Ayoade or Wes Anderson.
'Container Ships' presents a taste of the genius that is Loscil. The track hearkens at his drone roots, but also slips in hints of offbeat-dub leanings and excerpts of mid-range melodies. As @kahnman says, "Sketches From New Brighton" is a masterpiece.

Thanks for sharing this kahnman, and I'm excited to hear more eclectic cuts whenever they arise : )

Well, you pretty much said it all! Faux Tales displays the essence of two of my strongest musical psyches. I can visualize fireworks going off in those drop effects (with no artificial stimulants taken ;^) ).

Always appreciate your comments, friend!