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desert prism

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Clearly, you made this mix just for me, specifically for this morning's commute. Sun shining, warm out but not yet hot, I stepped outside, popped this in my ears, and was carried to work on the voices of angels. And the last song ended just as I walked up the front steps to work. Thanks for that!

@Samuel_peterson Sam!! This mix almost made itself, I got the newest London Grammar album last week and literally saw and felt colors in my head as I heard it.. so it sort of formed itself and adding rest of songs from my library was easy, it just felt good together. This made my day, seriously, thank you fro such a wonderful comment and I'm glad it made your commute better, I've been listening to this mix on my commute too before I published it, feeling it out haha :)

@Kaiju8 Sometimes, the songs just jump into place exactly as the universe intended. It's a rare experience for me, but I absolutely love it when that happens. Excellent choices!