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Doors to other worlds


Music and books are the most exquisite time machines I know, this melange is a bit of soundtrack, some psy trance/goa and banging tunes that take me out there.

Cover image is from Stephen King's Dark Tower series which I'm in the middle of reading as there are eight books, stunning stuff, naturally Juno Reactor's many versions of glorious Pistolero came to my mind right away, I picked the one that took me right through that door in my head, great stuff to get lost in :)

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"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." Heh, I'm jealous of you as a first time reader; I remember my first time with great fondness. I hope you enjoy the journey. Thanks for the mix, and remember, there are other worlds than these.

@tommyg81 What a great comment, I can talk books 24/7 :) thank you! King is wonderful, this series is a true labor of love, the 2nd book was my favorite so far, but I know what you mean about reading something you love for the 1st time, it's a great experience.