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Ronan the Accuser


Ronan: The Xandorians and your culture are a Disease.
Sacrifice Nova Corpsman: You will never rule Xandar.
Ronan: No. I will cure it!

One of my favorite baddies, I mean who else sleeps in a blood chamber? Ronan is very futuristic but with primordial rituals and an old world raw edge to him that I find fascinating.

Cover art :ronan_doodle_by_rosythorns-d7tum8q

8 tracks
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@wanderingchild Omgosh this made my day, thank you! I've always been a huge fan of Ronan but didn't expect to make a mix for him until I was taking the train to work on a very dark, dreary rainy morning. I had random songs playing while looking at the rain, so when the Temples of Our Gods by M83 came on it said "Ronan!" to me, the rest filled out quickly on it's own, which is rare, some mixes take me months. Thank you for your comment, and sorry if you get this reply a few times in your email, I'm having issues leaving comments when I'm on my work computer.