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"silence will not cover me."

A Nico di Angelo fanmix. His arc, from The Titan’s Curse until The Blood of Olympus.

tracklist: http://andiownyousomuch.tumblr.com/post/158560088045/i-will-be-silence-will-not-cover-me-a-nico

art credit: ilyone.tumblr.com


Notes about the song choices:

i. Di Angelo family
ii. Bianca, Minos and Nico
iii. Hades, Maria and Nico; second titan war
iv. Percy Jackson
v. Hazel Levesque
vi. Not belonging; struggling with his feelings
vii. Tartarus and the jar (part 1)
viii. Tartarus and the jar (part 2)
ix. The ruins of Salona
x. Jason Grace
xi. Hades and Nico
xii. Coach Hedge, Nico and Reyna
xiii. Leo, Nico, Octavian and Will
xiv. Will Solace
xv. Accepting
xvi. & xvii. Nico

17 tracks
4 comments on I Will Be

Definitely one of the best playlists of riordans fan playlists I've found! Good work! I especially love how you've written a little but about how each song relates in the description, it helps

@elliott_bird Oh my god, thank you so much!! I'm glad that you liked the notes! I'm the type that likes to read about why the person chose this or that song, so I thought to just do this in my fanmix, too.