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  • 我不愿,让你一个人| Anh Không Muốn Để Em 1 Mình by Gerald Ko
  • 第幾個100天 by 林俊傑
  • 你在看孤独的风景 by byooo
  • 贝多芬的悲伤 by 萧风
  • 爱丫爱丫 by linke1991
  • 橙翼 by 故梦
  • 王菲(Faye Wong)01匆匆那年 Fleet of Time~電影《匆匆那年》主題曲 ~ myfayevourite.blogspot.com by Withered Flower
  • 何以爱情 by Folisa
  • Ngô Vấn Phương by 孤独的总和 / Hoàn Toàn Cô Đơn (Bên...
  • 甜蜜蜜 (Tian Mi Mi)[电影 《甜蜜蜜》 同名主题曲 (Comrades: Almost A Love Story OST)] by Lu Han (鹿晗)
  • 遇到 by 方雅贤
  • Shan Gao 高姗 — 遇见你的时候所有星星都落到我头上 by Shan Gao 高姗
  • 不再见 by Không Gặp Lại
  • 星空 by 五月天
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